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25 Harry Potter Quotes Taken Out Of Context.




How can you solve a puzzle that’s always changing?


Applying for jobs like

Dear Sir/Madam, 

Thank you for rejecting my job application to your company.

I have read your application with interest. Because I have received a large number of refusals, I had to make a selection of candidates and I regret to tell you that you are not part of this group.

Despite your qualities and experience in rejecting job applicants, I must inform you your refusal does not meet my profile for this position.

For this reason, I am notifying you I will start working for your company effective immediately. I am looking forward to a prosperous collaboration.

I wish you all the best in rejecting future applicants.

Mark dutchster


Game of Thrones + Text Post Meme


Having a cute waiter like I’ll have the chicken with a side of that dick


Nous  p r o t è g o n s  ceux qui  n e  peuvent pas se  p r o t è g e r  eux  m ě m e s

W e  p r o t e c t  those who c a n n o t  protect  t h e m s e l v e s.

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scallison or scira


We’ve officially reached that annoying time of year where it’s sweater weather in the morning, but by midday you die from a heatstroke.

"Ron, I should tell you. Most Muggles aren’t accustomed to seeing a flying car."


Spoiler alert: adulthood is 96% of you going “well, I hope this is how it works and I’ll keep doing it till someone yells at me”